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Free-Range Wild Boar Meat For Sale

Experience truly wild game meat caught-not-hunted by trappers in Texas. When you want lean healthy meat that is free from preservatives and growth hormones, choose wild boar. It doesn't get more wild than this, shop our meat selection today.

Quality Like This Only Comes From The Wild

Wild hog is very lean meat that is high in protein.

Treat Yourself To Something Different

One bite and you'll feel your inner wild side.

I was very pleased with my order. The meat was very fresh and tasty!


Sam L.

Having never tried wild boar, I was very surprised how good it was!


Bailee A.

The days of buying domestic pork are behind me, wow just amazing!


Scott F.

Wild Boar Meat as Bold as Texas

Here in the Lone Star State, we pride ourselves on our work ethic, from sun up to sundown we never stop chasing these wild hogs. We travel hundreds of miles per day across the entire state, dropping a bedroll wherever we end up so that we can provide such quality meat.  The flavor is nothing like domestic pork and, at times, has a very beefy taste.  If I cooked you a wild boar cheeseburger, you probably wouldn't even know the difference.

Wild Boar Nutritional Information



It Doesn't Get More Wild Than This!

Know exactly where your meat comes from, 100% all-natural, and directly from the wild landscape of Texas. Buy your wild boar meat online today!