Pulled-Pork Options

It doesn't get much better than slow cooking wild pork shoulder with your favorite seasonings and vegetables. With so much meat, pulled-pork can be used for several different meals. From a traditional roast to sandwiches and finger foods, you can't go wrong with tender pulled-pork.


One easy dish to whip together is pulled-pork tacos. With a little lime, salt, pepper, cilantro, and onions you can prepare a staple dish found everywhere in the southern states.

BBQ Sandwiches

When most people think of pulled-pork the thought of a bold and tangy BBQ sandwich comes to mind. Just add pickles, onions, your favorite sauce, and you've got a meal loved by folks all across the country!


Another Mexican dish you can't go wrong with is, Gorditas, a warm masa pocket stuffed with meat, cheese, and other fillings.

Endless Possibilities

Pulled-pork is such a versatile meat because it works in so many different types of dishes. From traditional BBQ to Asian cuisine and everything in between. Texas Specialty Meats offers 100% natural boar meat, wild caught, and packaged in Texas.