Texas Specialty Meats offers a variety of wild boar cuts. Learn about the different pork options on our butcher block.

Shoulder Roast

staple of the southern U.S., the shoulder roast is most commonly used for pulled pork. Due to the fatty content found in the shoulder, there are many options available with this cut of meat.

Leg Roast

Cooked low and slow, you can't go wrong with the leg roast.

French Rack

Frenching a rack of ribs is the process of trimming fat and meat to expose the rib bone. This cut is preferred by chefs not only for the flavor but the presentation as well.

Baby Back

Smaller ribs located near the loins, very tender and cooks faster than larger cuts.

St. Louis

Fattier and more flavorful, St. Louis cut ribs are a staple among BBQ pit masters everywhere.


Unlike pork loins the tenderloins come from a completely different area and they look much different. This cut of meat is considered one of the most tender pieces of the animal.

Short Loins

Larger and more steak like, pork loins can be slow-cooked or grilled a variety of ways.

Stew Meat

Cooked in broth with chopped potatoes, carrots, and onions you can't go wrong with cubed pork.


Make tacos, season to breakfast sausage, or toss up your favorite stir fry. Ground pork is an excellent and versatile addition to your freezer.